About The Future WorkPlace

 WHAT  : The Future Workplace is a data-driven digital tool developed to declutter the ICT market in Kosovo, which has been built as part of the project with the same name powered by Millennium Foundation Kosovo / Millennium Challenge Corporation; and is implemented by Open Data Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. The Future Workplace provides an overall basis for understanding of the ICT market (supply and demand side), insights on how the education system should be modified to match the market demand, and a great pathway to explore the ICT human capacities in Kosovo.

 DATA  : Data included in the platform are: what ICT students are learning in high school and university, the number of ICT graduates, what activities are ICT businesses engaged in, how much do ICT businesses earn, what ICT skills are being demanded, and more. Crucial in the process of data gathering have been: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Tax Administration of Kosovo, and local ICT businesses. Open Data Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce expresses their deepest gratitude to these stakeholders who have contributed their time into building this platform wholly-based on data.

 WHY  : The aim of The Future Workplace platform is to address the vast gap in the amount of knowledge available in regards to the ICT market in Kosovo. Since the ICT sector has been widely cited as a field of great potential for Kosovo, this digital tool enables a comprehensive analysis of the ICT market to be based upon to enhance further development. In addition, the data presented is available for each user to download and use for different purposes with the aim to enhance data-based decision-making.

The Future Workplace is part of the ‘Dig Data Challenge’ powered by Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The Dig Data Challenge on Labour Force Data was the first Open Data Challenge of MFK. The challenge aimed to inform Kosovo citizens about education and economic opportunities to be pursued in order to match market needs while incentivizing cross-institutional corporations and promoting decision making based on data and governmental transparency.

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